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As I sit here, watching the rain fall, its hard to believe that this is all really happening. 

When I started this, I didn’t believe people would need or want these products. I was in the mindset that people just find something online, and buy it. I didn’t think there was space for me. But this last 16 days has shown me that there are lots of families who are looking towards alternative products for themselves and their families, to try and keep them healthy and well. 

So, whilst I put this all together from my dining room table, I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my customers and supporters. Without your trust and encouragement, this wouldn’t have happened. I would have continued using these products on ourself and family and friends and that would’ve been it. Not knowing how many other people could be helped by these products. I’ve had some amazing feedback, and that is the fuel that keeps me going. 

A very special thank you also, to a good friend of mine. She has been my guinea pig since the beginning and is always so eager and excited to try new products that are yet to launch. She is the driving force behind my ideas. 

Thank you to those who I have met along the way, and who I am yet to meet. To those who have also always shown their support and believed in my products. 

Now, im really not much of a writer, but I will try to keep this blog thing up with any up and coming news. 

This is probably a great time to also let you know of some exciting products we have in the pipeline.

So we have, 

– a glutathione luxury face oil that will work great alongside the toner. 

– a vitamin d3 body oil. 

 – a rescue remedy oil. ( this one really excites me 🙂 )

Special oils can also be put together at requests for anything that has a vibration or a molecular weight. 

So that’s it from me for the time being. 

Stay well, 

S x

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