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“My mum has been diabetic for around 40 years and has been on dialysis for the last 4. She’s been suffering with burning hands and feet for many years as it’s a side effect of being diabetic. We tried other creams and gels but they only worked for 10-15 mins. She started using mag-dose 5-6 weeks ago. She says it has made her feel so much better. She uses it once a day and her feet are normal. Thank you very much for this. It has helped my mum so much.”


“I used for stomach cramps and this has been very helpful for me. My husband had pain under his foot. He couldn’t stand properly. He only used it once, didn’t need to use it again yet. Thank you very much.”


“I used this spray for my husband lower back and it eased the pain. I also used it for my sons muscle pain after football and he feel relief from the muscle pain. I am really happy with this product. Definitely will recommend.”


“Highly recommend this product, worked really well for my painful hands, even though I apply in my face for some horrible spots, amazing result. Thank you for your help.”


“I have been suffering from arthritis in my shoulder for 5-6 years. In the past it got so bad that I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t move my arm, it was so painful. I have used mag-dose around 2 times. im sleeping a lot better, and for the past two weeks, ive had no pain at all. Thank you so much.”

“I tried the spray under my feet and I did sleep like a baby! but mostly, I didn’t woke up tired! I love the spray. It’s easy and quick and I can spray it when im in bed. It’s genius!

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