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This is for those that have requested special items to be made.

Please note, that these orders take between 5-7 days to be dispatched, as they are made to order, and there are often other orders in the queue, waiting to be made.

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150m, 500ml

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Special order - gallbladder and gallstones detox

I got a special order of gallbladder and gallstones detox around 5 months ago. To cut an extremely long story short i didnt have gallstones after an ultrasound but was getting extremely painful gallbladder attacks everytime i ate something fatty i’ve had around 50 episodes since January. It was suggested i have my gallbladder removed within 3 minutes of seeing a consultant at the hospital. Multiple appointments later (all no longer than 5 minutes and no further tests) no diagnosis and alot of probablys and maybes still saying the only way to fix was to take out my gallbladder. After some research and a strong gut feeling i knew i would do anything to avoid it and there was a way i could fix this without surgery. I sprayed this in my drink daily along with magnesium for around 4 - 5 months. The only other thing i did alongside this was go onto a very low fat diet. I’m now pain free and can eat anything again without triggering an attack. Next detox is the heavy metals. Thank you for your products

ann hicks
Great products

Received products promptly
Have been using Sun dose on holiday goes on easily and protects well. Anaesthetic water you made up very quickly for me ... really grateful. Many thanks

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