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Silver Scrub


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Silver has amazing healing properties. 

Silver Scrub contains high amounts of colloidal silver, so is naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and the olive pit pumice is a great natural yet mild exfoliant, removing any dead skin and leaving the skin soft. 

Application: It is best to do a patch test on a small area before applying to any larger areas. Apply small amount to hands and apply to make-up free skin. Slowly massage into skin, and rinse with clean water. 

Ingredients: Colloidal silver, olive pit pumice, skin repairing oil, xanthan gum (thickener), frankincense and neroli essential oil. 


We do not make any claims for any of our products, and results vary from person to person.

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Customer Reviews

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Naomi Holland

wonderful scrub , been really impressed, my face feels wonderful. using with magnesium toner and oil and got asked if id had a bit of work done as skin was so smooth .lol

Best facial scrub!

I have suffered with acne for years. After making changes to my diet and the products I used I had seen some improvements but still suffered from flare ups around the time of the month. I can honestly say after just using this for a few days my complexion is the best it’s ever been! People have definitely noticed the improvement in my skin too! Thank you 😊

At last!

I brought this product originally for myself. Then my son who suffers from eczema had a bad flare up on his face and legs after having chickenpox. So I thought to use the silver scrub on him and after a few days it had almost gone. I then used it on his legs as nothing has been working at all and it’s cleared up so well not completely gone yet but not far off! He uses it every other day or every other two days it has made such a difference!

Majida Z
Divine silver scrub

I love this scrub. I have always come out with a few spots every month but since using this scrub I feel that I don't have this problem. My skin is always clear and seems like my pigmentation is clearing. I have had a lot of compliments about my skin since using this. The scent of this scrub is divine... One to die for. Will definetly be buying again.

Samira Mehmood
Apologies first

Hi, I previously sent a review for an order that did not arrive without thinking and would like to take back the comments I made.
I received my order , be it late.
I have been using the silver scrub and am very happy with how it makes my skin feels, it has a pleasant aroma and will definitely be buying again.
I also bought the magnesium spray for muscle/joint pain, and have used it several times, and I’ve noticed I’ve been sleeping better. So I’d say that a plus.
What I most like tho is the free sample of skin dose. It has a beautiful aroma and leaves skin feeling so soft. Will be enquiring about that.

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