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Hormone balancing water


For the body to be able to work to its best ability, it is vital that the body’s hormones are in check and balanced. This water will assist the bodies cells to balance and correct any issues with hormones, allowing the body to work better.

Hormones are the body’s chemical messengers and are produced in the endocrine glands. These hormones then travel around the bloodstream, instructing organs and tissues, and letting them know what they need to do. When you have a hormone imbalance, you have either too much or too little of a certain hormone.

There are many factors which can cause hormone imbalances. Some of these occur during different times in our life, naturally, and others can occur due to:

  • hormone therapy
  • medications
  • cancer treatments such as chemotherapy
  • tumours, whether cancerous or benign
  • pituitary tumours
  • eating disorders
  • stress
  • injury or trauma
  • processed foods
  • heavy metal toxicity in the body

While hormonal imbalances may initially cause some of the conditions below, having these conditions can also lead to further hormonal imbalances:

  • type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • diabetes insidious
  • hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid
  • hyperthyroidism, or an overactive thyroid
  • hyperfunctioning thyroid nodules
  • thyroiditis
  • hypogonadism
  • Cushing syndrome, or high levels of cortisol
  • congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which causes low levels of cortisol and aldosterone
  • Addison’s disease

Your hormones play an integral role in your overall health. As a result, signs and symptoms could signal a hormonal imbalance. Your signs or symptoms will depend on which hormones or glands are not working c.

Common hormonal conditions affecting people of all genders could cause any of the following signs or symptoms:

  • weight gain
  • muscle weakness
  • frequent urination
  • sweating
  • hump of fat between the shoulders
  • blurred vision
  • fatigue
  • constipation or more frequent bowel movements
  • pain, stiffness or swelling in the joints
  • increased sensitivity to cold or heat
  • increased or decreased heart rate
  • unexplained/sudden weight loss
  • increased hunger
  • increased thirst
  • decreased sex drive
  • puffy face
  • nervousness, anxiety or irritability
  • muscle aches, tenderness, stiffness
  • dry skin
  • thinning hair or fine, brittle hair muscle aches, tenderness, stiffness
  • infertility issues
  • depression
  • rounded face
  • purple or pink stretch marks

Directions of use : It is always a good idea to take any kind of detox slow. Start off with 1-2 sprays a day for some days and see how the body reacts. this can slowly be increased until you feel like you have reached the right amount for your body. For some, 5 sprays either orally or topically is the most their body can handle. For others, they may be on 15-20 sprays. So for everyone, the dosage will vary. When detoxing, it is also not uncommon to experience herxheimer reactions which are short term detoxification reactions in the body. These can include headaches, body aches, muscle pains, and the likes.

Ingredients: Distilled water and extensive hormone balancing frequencies.


We do not make any claims for any of our products, and results vary from person to person.

Information contained on the site is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider.

If you feel better after using our products, its totally coincidental 🙂

Weight 170 lb

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Feel such a difference

I love this hormone balancing spray, my periods have been up the wall this year & pretty irregular. After 3 days on this spray I came on & have been regular since. Thank you ⭐️

claire k
Big difference in a short time.

My daughter started using the hormone balance water 2 weeks ago. For years she has had problems with her periods and body sweats due to a damaged hypothalamus(due to pneumococcal meningitis). The change for her was quite instant. Regular period for the month with no pains that used to be excruciating and doesn't need to constantly wash. At the beginning had a couple of days of joint pain but she already suffers from hyper mobility anyway so not sure if it was a coincidence. Highly recommend this product for anyone that's constantly suffering. It's changed my daughter's life for the better after years of getting nowhere with the docs.

Balanced my hormones

I wanted to try something natural to help with my hormones as since my second child, my periods were very irregular. I’ve been taking this for a good few months now and my periods have become regular again, as well as less cramping and amazingly it has made my boobs fill back out a bit!! Unexpected win as they became a bit pancakey after breastfeeding two babies but now they’re looking much better so highly recommend!

PMS symptoms have gone! No bloating!! either!

Ever since I had my daughter 16months ago my hormones have been wild. Since I got my period back the symptoms have really heightened. I've been taking this spray for around 3 weeks I didn't even know my period was due, it's arrived and I have had absolutely no symptoms! I was so angry annoyed upset beforehand didn't get any of these. I haven't even had the bloating! It's unreal I didn't think I would see results so soon. I also take mag dose, silver dose and heavy metal detox. These products are amazing. I'm hoping it will also balance my testosterone which is out of balance which I did through hair testing!. Amazing if you have any PMS symptoms that you feel are out of control take this. Thank you again!!! Xx

Anne Preston
Hormone balance spray

I really think this is helping with my flushes, only getting a few a day and night, but no night sweats, so fingers crossed

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