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Heavy Metal Detox Water


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Detoxing is not just a one off thing, it’s also about making lifestyle changes too. You have to be willing to make changes to the things that are making you unwell in order to heal now and in the long term. There are other things that also need to be addressed when detoxing, such as unaddressed trauma, the environment you are in, your sleep pattern, you water intake, the job you do, these are all part of the detox too.

So how can you support your body when you are detoxing?

It’s vital that your lymph system, which is the bodies drainage system, so to say, is working well. Dry body brushing of the skin, bouncing on an exercise ball, using the sauna, working a sweat, getting a lymph massage, making sure you are well hydrated, jumping on a rebounder or trampoline and even just walking are great ways to get the lymph system up and running. Those who have desk jobs or are not as active, develop sluggish lymph systems because of the lack of movement. Cleaning is also a great form of simple exercise 🙂

When the body is not able to detox, there are some symptoms which may occur, which show the body is struggling.

Some of these are: headaches, flu like symptoms, skin breakouts, poor concentration, insomnia, irritability, and more.

It’s also important that you are well nourished. Eating good quality proteins, good clean liquids, such as water, raw milk, coconut water, bone broth soups, etc… are all necessary too. Your body will struggle to detox if it is under nourished, or if you are consuming too many processed foods.

So before starting any kind of detox, make sure you are ready, mentally, physically and emotionally too.

It’s all one big puzzle, and there is no quick fix.


We are surrounded by Heavy Metals. Whether its in the vegetables or lentils we consume, or the water that we drink. We inhale these even through the air we breathe in and the products that are absorbed through our skin. Even the amalgam fillings our lovely dentists give us are full of mercury too. Heavy metals are absolutely everywhere! Some symptoms are acute and easy to recognise, others are chronic and can be difficult to diagnose.

Some of the chronic symptoms of heavy metal toxicity are:

– Autism.

Those who suffer with autism exhibit higher levels of mercury compared to those with no autism. The main heavy metal that causes this is Mercury.

– Cancer.

Heavy metals are known for their cancer causing properties, with some doctors saying that up to 80% of cancers are caused by environmental factors such as heavy metals and toxins.

– Parkinsons.

– Alzheimers.

– Liver failure.

– Kidney diseases.

– Lung and respiratory problems.

– Brain fog.

– Nervous system malfunctions- numbness, tingling, paralysis, etc…

– Chronic pain.

The list of minor symptoms is pretty endless, but here are some of the most common symptoms:

– Allergies.

– Insomnia.

– Migraines/headaches.

– Chronic fatigue.

– IBS/bloating.

– Painful joints.

Directions of use : It is always a good idea to take any kind of detox slow. Start off with 1-2 sprays a day for some days and see how the body reacts. this can slowly be increased until you feel like you have reached the right amount for your body. For some, 5 sprays either orally or topically is the most their body can handle. For others, they may be on 15-20 sprays. So for everyone, the dosage will vary. When detoxing, it is also not uncommon to experience herxheimer reactions which are short term detoxification reactions in the body. These can include headaches, body aches, muscle pains, and the likes. Good to use for atleast 3-6 months. After this, some continue to use a spray a day or every other day, and others stop for a few months and then start again, so very flexible ways to use.

Through customers feedback, we’ve also discovered that this works better when used along side Mag dose, everyday, using that as a foot massage oil before bed.

For an adult, 10-20 sprays under each foot before bed.

10 sprays for a child.

Ingredients: Distilled water and extensive detox frequencies- Heavy Metals detox, detox Allergic Reaction to Metals and Jewellery detox, detox Micro-Toxin Elimination, detox Nuclear Fall-out, detox Chelation of Chemicals and Mercury. Also detoxes Zeolite and Cell Food Detox.


We do not make any claims for any of our products, and results vary from person to person.

Information contained on the site is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider.

If you feel better after using our products, its totally coincidental 🙂

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Customer Reviews

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Hannah Salter

So a year on from doing both the heavy metal detox followed by the parasite cleanse I feel ready to write the review. I wanted to wait so I could wholeheartedly be sure that my chronic pain was healed.

I started taking the HMD around Easter last year after going private for help with a diagnosis and to get some answers about the pain i was suffering with. Within weeks my daily symptoms were becoming less painful and itnwas noticeable. As time went on each monthly cycle was less painful; whereas I would previously be bedridden, taking endless painkillers and walking around with a TENS machine/hot water bottke strapped to my pelvis.

I had confirmation via a diagnostic laprascopy a few months later that I infact had endometriosis; but it didn't correlate with my MRI I had pre detox. The MRI pre detox showed potential deep infiltrating rectovaginal endo, my bowel was attached to my uterus and was inflamed also. Due to the MRI the surgeon consented me for excision surgery with potential bowel resection and we had booked to bave a bowel surgeon on standby if needed. I continued to take the heavy metal detox for 6 months daily and upped to around 5 sprays a day as that was enough for my body at the time. After a few months on the HMD I started the parasite detox water so was doing the both combined.

I had a review with my consultant to talk about excision surgery of the confirmed biopsies of endometriosis found and I actually declined. I explained that my daily leg, pelvic and back pain and cramping, painful sex, cramps after opening my bowels or bladder, bloating to the point i looked pregnant, extreme ovulation pain and crippling periods were a breeze. I told him the only thing I had been taking or done differently as he was struggling to understand how my pain could go and he was baffled. He said he would read into it but merely stated 'if this heals people what would we do with laprascopy equipment and surgeons, we'd be out of a job.'

I think back to my inability to be the mother, partner and nurse I wanted to be; yet struggled due to chronic pain dragging me down. Im grateful that I am no longer suffering, grateful that I didn't have to go through another surgery, grateful that my periods come with no warning and are painless and just grateful for AS Living. 🙏


Since late last year my right hand kept reacting to water or cleaning products- it made my hands wrinkle and become very sore. GP prescribed steroids however even with that it wasn’t getting better. Decided to do the heavy detox, started off with just 1-2 spray and to my surprise my “dermatitis” cleared up. It literally peeled the bad skin away. Alongside with the detox I’ve been using mag spray- I’ve stopped craving sugar, feeling less brain fog.

Ashleigh Webster
Heavy metal detox

I was a regular user of lansoprazole due to reflux since having the heavy metal I very rarely get it and havnt took the tablets for a while and I don’t need to, I also had a change to sense of smell a good few years ago this seems to of also changed back to how it used to be i wasn’t taking this for my reflux but during taking it it seems to of resolved my issues I am so grateful as it used to be really uncomfortable if this helps anyone else x

G Edwards
Worked wonders in only 2 weeks!!!

I had been wanting to do a heavy metals detox on my kids for while but I was always putting it off to do more research. Found this product with AS living, really reasonable price and something as simple as a spray that is tasteless is just what I needed for them. My 7 and 2 year old have been taking it for 2 weeks and I've noticed so many differences. They were such picky eaters my 7 year old is trying new things every day, he is more focused in school, my 2 year old is eating so much more new foods than she was, she more focused for a longer period of time, her attention has massively improved, she answers to her name which she only did now and again before, she listens to instructions which again she was not really doing before. She is not talking yet but has been babbling more and more and said her dads name today!! I'm so impressed and I can only imagine things will improve more the longer they take it. They have both been cold/virus free for the first time in a what feels like the whole of winter!! I would recommend this product so much. The seller was so helpful prior to me buying, asked my concerns and explained where/how we get heavy metal toxins in our body and recommended what item would be best to start with. I have recommended AS living to so many people and have since purchased other products which, are also amazing. I was so gutted I smashed my first bottle on the floor 😫, I immediately ordered another bottle (in plastic - so glad this was an option after that happened!!) as I felt like just 2 weeks in it had already made such a difference!! Thankyou AS Living ❤

Arfan Mahmood

Heavy Metal Detox Water

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