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Colloidal ‘Silver-dose’- nano particle


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8-10ppm nano particle Colloidal silver.

Silver has been used for centuries for its unique properties. Before antibiotics as we know them now, colloidal silver was used as an all round remedy for illnesses and infections. When silver comes in contact with almost any pathogen, silver will kill them to one degree or another. Silver is still widely used in bandages and it used on burns. It is also still used as a coating for many medical devices.

Colloidal Silver is known to be antibacterial and antiseptic, and can be used either topically or orally.

What does it do:

– Can boost the immune system

– Assist with treating viral infections

– Can be used for eye and ear infections

– Antibacterial and Antiseptic

How to use: It is best to do a patch test on a small area before applying to any larger areas. This can be used orally, either as a daily dose and more so if unwell. This can also be used topically for any minor rashes or grazes. for topical use, it can be used generously and often until needed. Can be used during pregnancy and when breastfeeding.

Ingredients: Distilled water and 99.99% Sterling Silver in PET bottles


We do not make any claims for any of our products, and results vary from person to person.

Information contained on the site is intended for educational purposes only, and should not be substituted for medical advice from a doctor or healthcare provider.

If you feel better after using our products, its totally coincidental 🙂

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Customer Reviews

Based on 177 reviews
Brilliant product that everyone should have!

Ordered this for myself and the kids along with some other products. Everything so far has been great, used this for a sore throat which cleared in a few days and my son has eczema which has calmed down so much since using this daily. Will definitely order again.

Sasha Stewart

Been using this every morning and night for a week , my hands where so cracked , red , bleeding from cold and no creams work , I tried this and they healed
:) thank you

Erica Gray
Crohn's Disease Rash...another amazing use!

When we couldn't think Silver Dose could get any daughter was diagnosed with Crohn's last year, whenever she gets a flair up the first symptom is a rash that appears on her legs, as we use Silver for pretty much everything else we thought we would try it on her rash, and again if by magic it really does clear the rash up in a couple days. We really wouldn't be without this magic potion 🤍

Couldn't be without it

I use this for everything it's amazing, it has helped with eczema, cuts, spots, orally when I'm feeling a cold or bug coming on and a gum abscess. It is brilliant, I have even used it on my dog as he has had a rash on his face and it stopped him itching. Love it!

Michelle Bennett
Colloidal silver dose- nano particle

I have been using this on a fungal nail infection a few times a day and it is already starting to look better. My son suffers from PANDAS and one of his main symptoms is fear of getting poorly, he sprays this in his throat around twice a day to prevent infection. I think this is the best CS I’ve used Im really pleased.

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