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Frequently asked questions.

Can I do more than one detox at a time?
We always say doing one detox at a time is a good idea. Those who have detoxed before have used two together, but this is in rare circumstances. So yes, one detox at a time is a good way to get used to these waters.

What detox should I start with, and can everyone detox?
The heavy metals one is always a good one to start with.
Detoxing is not advisable for ladies who are breastfeeding or are pregnant.
Those whose lymphatic systems are not working well should also use these detox waters with caution.
Not suitable for babies, only toddlers, upwards. If you’re unsure, do drop us an email.

How long should I detox?
3-6 months is a good time period to detox the body gently. After this time, everyone chooses different ways.
Some detox for a few months a year, stop and then start again, others take a 1 spray a few days a week as maintenance, and others stop totally.
There is no right or wrong way to use these waters. For some, they may see some massive changes, for others this may not be the case, and you may just start to feel more well. For everyone, it will be different. 

Are all the products suitable from birth?
Apart from the detox waters, all products are suitable for all ages.
Our youngest mag dose user was a 4-week-old teething baby, and we’ve had newborns use the silver dose for conjunctivitis, nappy rashes, eczema, cradle cap, etc…

Why does Mag dose tingle?
If your skin tingles when you apply  Mag dose, or any magnesium product topically, this is an indication of your body being deficient of magnesium, and your body is surprised to see all this magnesium all at once.
The tingling settles down after some continued use.
Those who have sensitive skin may find their skin tingles a little every time. For them, we have the Mag dose tot, which contains a lower amount of magnesium.

How do the emf/imprinted stickers work?
So these work on a cellular level. They affect how the cells behave when radiations pass through us.
Something that cannot be measured, but only felt by the body. But once you know what it feels like to have these in your aura, once they wear out, you will start to feel the same symptoms you were feeling before you got them. 
Depending on where you live, and how much radiation you are surrounded by, will determine how long they last. 
Our last set of emf stickers lasted around 3 years, before we started getting random nose bleeds and headaches. This was an indication for me that the stickers needed changing.

Is there anyone who can’t use silver dose?
Yes, those who have an allergy to silver, should not use silver dose.

Can I mix and match products?
Yes, all items can be mixed and matched and used along side each other. 


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